Adding Time Duration to trigger event

I am a very basic user of SmartThings and SharpTools.

I currently have a motion sensor on my garage door. When it senses motion, it sends me a notification that the door is opening.

However, I will like the event to be trigger if and only if the motion is greater than 5 seconds, for instance.

Currently, if an adjoining door opens or shuts, or the wind blows, the air/wind pressure triggers detection of motion.

I’m thinking that a duration condition, that the motion is more than 5 seconds long, will eliminate some “false triggers” with my sensor.

However, I don’t see an option for duration of movement when viewing the device or the automation in SharpTools or SmartThings.

Thanks in advance

@Douglas_Drake, you can use “state stays” option in the trigger for this case, so the rule will only be executed if the specified state has lasted for x period. See below for quick example, but I 5 seconds may be too short. It depends on how frequent your motion sensor updates its status. Lots motion sensors will state active for a little bit.

I think this is the most critical part.

Most motion sensors report ‘active’ for a period of time so checking the duration of the event likely won’t be particularly meaningful.