Adding/Deleting users on lock based on presence

Getting ready to jump ship from Smartthings to Hubitat. I’ve been using Rboy’s lock user manager and really like one of the features of enabling/disabling user codes based on presence. Using Schlage 599 lever locks and BE469 deadbolts.

Any ideas if this can be done with the SharpTools rule engine?

@Scunny, I am not super familiar with the Rboy’s code management implementation, and think the feature of enabling/disabling a lock code may NOT be exposed as a command from the official device handler to be used by Rule Engine. And you may be interested to check out Hubitat Lock Code Manager, which allows you to manage the lock user code though I don’t it has this specific feature based on the document I found, but just a FYI.

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Thanks James. I am able to delete a code. In this screenshot the delete code command with variable does delete the user in slot 5 so I was hoping to use one of the other attributes to add a user triggered on presence.

If the relevant commands are available, then it sounds like you could setup rules do it. It may require more than one rule to get things working the way you want. :slight_smile:

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