Adding cameras to Sharptools support

I need some help adding my cameras from TinyCam Pro. I have them add in the tinycam app and can see them. I have the web server running but unable to see them in sharptools. not sure what I’m doing wrong and they they are not showing in Sharptools but are in the app. one camera is a Reolink RLC-420 and the other is a blink mini that I got for free.

Can you share some details about what you’ve tried so far and what part are you getting stuck on?

There’s some tips in the following post around using TinyCam to get cameras into SharpTools. There’s also a few videos by Justin from Simply Smart at the bottom of the linked post:

I watch the video form simply smart. I have the camera added into tiny cam and added in my cameras. I didn’t up in a password into my web serer just for testing. The URL i’m using is I used the jpg stream since I read that the blink cam only support .jpg in tiny cam for now

If you open that URL directly, does it work as expected (without prompting for credentials)?

Yes I just tried it. I was able to get it to open on a web page by just entering the ip of the web server and the port. how can I get this to be seen in sharptools?

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Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you access that URL directly in your browser? Including the full browser showing the URL bar.

I noticed that there’s HTTPS at the start of the URL… and there wouldn’t be a valid SSL certificate in Tinycam by default… so my suspicion is your issue could be related to trying to use an HTTPS URL with an invalid self-signed certificate.

If you are accessing a different URL than the exact one which was linked above, can you please share the exact URL you are accessing?

I was able to get it working. I found a URL stream that is working. I think this is an issue with Blink. They are compatible with tinycam but every so often It asks for the 2FA authentication and sends me an email in order to view the camera. I now have about 15 emails from Blink with different codes because tinycam is requesting access plus the camera feed cuts out for about 15-20 secs. I’m glad that I did not pay for this camera since someone gave it to me for free. If it was not free I would not recommend this for and sharp tools or other dashboard. Stick with IP cameras I have an IP camera from reolink that has been rock solid


Hi my friend, Im understanding that you are using in your dashboards a Reolink Cam and its working fine ?. Did you set it in TinyCam App ? Im going to purchase a couple of cams for my Sharptools dashboards and I would like be on the right way…Thanks

I have a set of reolink cams. The best you can do is jpegs refreshed every second, no live stream on a dashboard.

For me that’s fine, the reolinks are excellent otherwise. The app and browser interface work really well for live streaming. I bought a 4-cam 5MP kit with NVR and then upgraded one of the cams to 4K. Ran the ethernet cables over a couple of weekends and installed everything myself. The NVR works pretty well, though is a bit hit or miss for vehicle and person detection.

Support is a bit slow, but there’s not much you really need them for. The only trouble I had was deleting the extra cam - which required me to reset my NVR. Otherwise, they’re great and the price is right.

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I too have reolink cameras and using the jpeg url snapshot and refresh every 1 second it works OK for my needs. I have recently switch over to Home Assistant. They have a Reolink integration that pulls in all attributes of the camera so you can trigger an automation based on camera motion or send yourself a notification with camera snapshot image. You can also used the RTSP stream and pull up the full resolution if you click on the camera.

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I used Reolink cameras at my last house (mostly RLC-410). I originally tried the Reolink NVR but found that it was missing a few features I was looking for, so I setup a Blue Iris instance and streamed video feeds from that.


Hi, do you mind if I ask what URL you used for this one second refresh option? I suppose that is better than nothing.

@josh Sorry for the novice question but does Blueiris have to be on a computer that runs 24/7?

Yes, the Blue Iris server needs to be on the PC running 24/7 if you want the video streams to be available all the time.

I think this might be the URL you are looking for to get the JPEG image from Reolink cameras.