Adding additional actions to tiles beyond tap (hold, and possibly double tap)

One really cool feature that I would like to see it the ability to have different kind of actions happen on a tile depending on if you tap it, hold for a few seconds, and even double tap…

Right now, built in is when you tap a light switch, it will toggle it, but if there is a dimmer control, if you hold it, it will bring up the dimmer.

Having the ability to customize these actions for any tile, but at least supertitles, would be a great thing.

Where I can see this being used is in the following:

you have a room tile - say Family Room. if you tap it, it would turn on the main light of the room. If you hold the tile, it could go to another page (or overlay) for a room view where other entities can be controlled.

In my platform, which is Home Assistant, this feature exists on some dashboard integrations (such as Mushroom).

In my world, I woulds love to have a dashboard of rooms, but being able to control the main entity of each room with a single action before digging deeper with possibly a longer touch.