Adding a tile to a specific location

Is there an EASY way to place a tile on an existing dashboard that doesn’t move all the other tiles? Id like it to go where the red circle is.

I presume there is a spacer tile there? If so you can put the dashboard into edit mode, remove the spacer tile, then immediately add your replacement tile which will inherently go to that space to fill the gap.

When a tile is removed, the dashboard is temporarily frozen, and if you re-add another tile, it gets added in the blank place… as long as you don’t drag any other tiles or adjust your window size or anything after removing a tile, the remaining dashboard elements remain frozen to give you a chance to add a new tile to replace it.

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WOW! That was easy. Thanks @josh

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Okay… now… is there a way to insert 2 tiles in the location indicated by the arrow without all the tiles moving? There are no spacer tiles there.

So something has to move to make room for the new tiles, but I assume you want to add new tiles above the Chicken Coop label and have everything else move down. The good news is the tiles will naturally move up/down to make room for others.

The trick is you’ll want to add your tiles (to the bottom) and adjust their dimensions before you move them into the space. Otherwise, if you add them and move them into the space when they are small, other things are going to push up/down to fill the gaps, then when you change the size, it’s going to push things left/right which you don’t want.

Here’s an example where I add a single tile and a spacer to my mobile dashboard as it loosely demonstrates the concept:

Got it! I’ll try it tonight on a computer. Is there a trick to dragging the resized tile into place? Like drag up the left side then drag right??? Or something like that???
I seem to remember reading something you wrote about moving tiles and what happens, but i can’t find it.

I’m trying to minimize the damage!!! LOL