Add tv to dashboard

Can we stream live tv , like CNBC , on sharp tools ?

I would have thought no. Then I thought I’d try…

I added a scalable iFrame custom tile and configured it with a Sky News url and that worked on my dashboard.

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I would have thought the same. Thats pretty cool though. I had to sign in directly from my browser first and then I could use a custom tile with the url

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Well now I’ve managed to display a live news channel on the SharpTools dashboard, what I’d really like is a weather forecast video (video not looping image/radar). It would so handy to be able to watch a TV weather report on demand.

Unfortunately each individual weather forecast on YouTube from the UK met office has a different URL. So if I add the embed code to a dashboard, I’m forever going to get todays weather. I’m surprised I can’t find a feed that updates the forecast to the same embed url to facilitate this, rather than a new one each time. Why on earth would anyone want to view last weeks weather on YouTube.


What I’ve just done is go on YouTube on my laptop and search live news, then open the filter at the top to see what is actually ‘live now’. Find the one you want - I’ve just found that you can get Sky News UK, CBS News, NBC News, France 24 & others. While playing right click and ‘copy embed code’ then paste that text somewhere temporarily. For instance this is what I just got for ABC News Live:

<iframe width="1001" height="563" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You want the bit after src= that’s within the quotes, so for above it’s:

You can then use that in a dashboard in a couple of ways:

1 - Add a custom tile - scalable I frame and paste that URL in there. That’ll play live on your dash within the tile.

2 - On a tile on your dashboard, you can set the action of the tile to open url and paste it in there. I tried this with ‘open in modal’ to open the live news in a pop up (I needed to click the play icon to start the stream)

thats awesome will try it when im home tomorrow!
btw, does it skip the ads? and will it just keep playing?

I’m not sure what happens with the ads. When I tried with Sky News it just played continuously.