Add string functions to flow conditions

When adding a flow condition, add string functions e.g. CONTAINS, START_WITH, END_WITH etc. to test the value of string variables.e.g. http parameter values

Hi @Danny_Richman, can you please add some use cases to help others better understand the context of STRING Functions and where they can be used? So others who find this helpful may vote as well.

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Use case:

I am using a webhook to trigger a rule. The webhook passes some parameters to the rule. The value of the parameter might be “person detected - hallway” or “sound detected - kitchen” etc.

I want to use the room name to trigger devices in the room where the event has been detected. e.g. “turn lights on on kitchen.”

I need to test the parameter value e.g. “If [parameter_name] CONTAINS “hallway” then turn on hallway light”.

This is just one example where string functions could be very useful.


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