Add On/Off to Dimmer Tiles

I would like to have an On/Off Button added to the dimmer tiles.

As it is right now, you can have a light be a switch (on/off) or a dimmer tile. The issue is that if you have a dimmer tile, you have to slide the dimmer to 0 to turn off the light.

I would like to have the same dimmer but add an On/Off function below like the color selector tiles.

This would make it easier and quicker to turn the light on/off.

Isn’t that the normal operation? All of my tiles for lights with dimmers switch on/off with a tap of the tile, while touching the percentage in the lower right corner displays the slider for dimming.

If I touch anywhere on the tile it opens the dimmer and I have to slide it to 0 to turn off the light.

I’m using the switch level tile.

For my dimmers I also have the switch level tile. If you edit the individual tile you can alter the tap action as below photos. That allows you to tap the tile to switch on/off, or tap the percentage in the lower right corner to open the dimmer and adjust level. I have a similar setup for my curtain motors with shade level tile - tap fully opens/fully closes and touching the position indicator allows me to move the curtains to a specific position.

That is how mine are set up as well but function as I mentioned.

Plus an On/Off is easier for guests

OK - strange. I’m very new to all this but I imagine it must be device specific and must relate to the device capabilities. All my lights are connected to Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules and I guess these report both a switch and a dimmer capability allowing the tap action to activate the switch, while tapping the percentage exposes the dimmer. It’s as though your devices don’t have the switch capability. I’m no expert but I’d maybe look at the device itself.