Add Netatmo from smartthings to dashboard

Hi, when I try to add any of the Netatmo tile to the dashbord nothing happens. I have had a dashboard earlier with outdoor, indoor temp ect. Does anybody have an idea what the reason could be, I am able to add any of the other 85smartthings that i have, Just not netatmo.

Hi @Torbjorn_Lone, welcome to the community.

Can you please take a screenshot of the Netatmo device page in SharpTools by going to the user page, tap “…” next to your location under the “Authorized Locations” section, and select this Netamo device? (See below for example.) So we can verify the attributes it supports.

Meanwhile, if you are using a community developer device handler (driver) for this Netatmo device, please share us the link so we can take a look there.