Add Device using "New" Smartthings UI

This is not a SharpTools issue!

I want to add a virtual switch to my SmartThings hub. It was easy using the “Old” UI, but I can’t find any way to add a device using the “New” UI.

I’ve searched for this in the SmartThings community. There are a couple of posts but I don’t understand them at all!

I’m hoping someone will know how to do this.

If you search the ST forum for “virtual edge” you will see there are a coue different options. I use the one by Taustin.
This post includes the channel invite and instruction.
[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

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I’m lost at “Display Available Drivers”. I can’t find this anywhere.

Let’s let it go for now! I think I can do what I want in Hubitat.

Really appreciate your help. But I think it’s over my head right now…

In case you want to try later or for anyone who finds this and needs help,
Once you enroll your hub you see

Click on available drivers to see the individual drivers available

Click on install under each driver you want to install

For this driver, go back to the app and add device using scan nearby
A new device will be created in “no room assigned”


Well now - the problem was that the screen you show didn’t appear after I enrolled the hub. I tried again this morning and it showed up!

I’ve made some progress, but now can’t login to the mobile app. Says “too many attempts”. I’ll try later.

Samsung seems angry at me. I don’t know why; we have two Samsung TVs…

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Got it working. Really slick and easy to use. I’ve added virtual switches and a virtual button.

Thanks very much for your help!

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Anytime! Glad I could help.