Add Dashboard "Copy To" existing

Currently if you want to copy a dashboard it ends up being a different dashboard and URL. Even if the name is the same. So its possible to have more than one dashboard of the same name. Creating a new updated dashboard of same name breaks any bookmark links.

Change “Copy” to “Copy To New” This creates a new dashboard.

Add to options “Copy To Existing” which opens a drop down of all existing dashboards. This allows you to copy the dashboard into an existing dashboard name and overwrite it not changing the URL and not breaking any previous bookmarks or dashboard links to it.

Now that Scalable dashboards is released here’s the use case for this request.

I have 3 dashboards, Laptop, Tablet, and phone. They are essentially all the same but scaled differently. I modify the parent dashboard which is the on the laptop. Now I want to “Copy To Existing” tablet and phone dashboards and adjust there scaling, done. But right now I cant do that. I have to copy and create a new dashboard for laptop and phone. That breaks the previous URL and in dash Dashboard tile links.