Accessing Wiz Lighting Scenes

Has anyone found a way to expose Wiz lighting scenes to SharpTools? I love my Wiz lights, but the app is direly missing a sunset timer for automations. Currently I use Google Home to automate Wiz scenes (I use colors for outdoor lights for holidays, so it’s not just turning them on and off) but it’s quite cumbersome. The good thing about Google Home is that it does expose the scenes so I can pick them as part of a routine (green scene for St. Pat’s for example) but it’s a lot to go in and change then manually for each holiday.

I have a holiday rule set up in SharpTools, but I haven’t found a way to access the Wiz scenes directly. I know I can use ST to change colors etc, but I have all the scenes set through the Wiz app already and I’d really like to find out if I can access them anywhere other than Google Home (and Wiz of course). Even if I can use ST to hop to Google to get it done, I’m just kind of at a loss. Any help is appreciated!