Accessing Variables within other dialogs (Compound Variables)

I’ve run into a couple of situations lately where I have come across a limitation in how\where variables can be accessed.
#1 I would like to be able to construct a URL using component variables. For example URL, Username, Password. A rule could assemble them into a new $Variable which represented a complete string. I could then use that variable in any dialog that was looking for a URL. Something like this. $URL+$Username+“&pwd=” + $Userpassword
This allows me to keep credentials in a single place instead of embedding them in multiple tiles. Much easier to maintain.

#2 A common use of supertiles is to display multiple attributes, say 5 rooms and their corresponding temperatures and humidity’s for example. Using a supertile you would add the 5 room names, 5 temperatures and 5 humidity’s and then spend 30 minutes trying to get them all lined up.

My preferred approach would be to create a variable in rules that said $Bedroom = “Bedroom:” + $BedroomTemp + " " + $BedroomHumidity and then place that single variable in the Supertile.

Basically I’m asking for the ability to concatenate variables and strings into new variables. A sort of simple expression builder.

P.S. When you shrink the size of a component in a Supertile to a certain point it becomes impossible to mouse over it and get the drag handle. You have to enlarge it, drag it and then shrink it again. It would be really nice to have each component in a Supertile be able to have a different color.

You should be able to concatenate variables today. When setting a variable, choose the Manual Input option.

With the Manual Input option, you can enter static text, but you can also tap the +Variable button off to the side and add variables in. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Those are the best kind of enhancement requests, ones that have already been written!

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