A more Hybrid local/cloud dashboard

So, this is a weird one, and I am sure it is a lot more programming than you kats would want to do. but here is my theory to make Sharptools a bit quicker possibly?

for some of us, we have local servers that can run apps 24/7.

I was thinking, to make an app that would run on my PC for example, that would connect to my sharptools account and somehow “cache” or download my dashboard and the functions, that could act as more of a local dashboard.

I know HE has its own dashboard app, but lets face it, its ugly as heck! I love Sharptools, but would like a little more responsive and offline dash setup, it would be nice if I could block my dashboard tablet to only a network on a VLAN so it can only be used for a dash setup.

pipe dream, i have no idea how it would be possible. just something a little smoother when the internet is flaky.

Are you experiencing performance issues or your primary concern is with keeping things local (eg. for flaky internet) and thinking that things being local theoretically would improve performance?

If you’re experiencing performance issue, it would be helpful to have more details on that to better understand what the issue is as things should be near realtime.

What type of server / distribution? What are your thoughts on running containers (eg. via Docker)?

What problem are you trying to solve with that?

No, I am not really experiencing slowdowns, unless you factor in when my internet is slow. I also would like to setup something that runs 100% local. Just a preference .

Yes, Docker, or even a small app that can run on a Windows Server/PC.

and the last question, what problem, is a personal thing, I do have a Kiosk program that stops people from using the tablet outside of the dashboard, but there are always around that, and I just want it to be off the grid per-se

really what it comes down, I just want local control, even if the server app had to call into home for example to download a dashboard or something that would be fine.

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+1 for this. If it enabled local ST control for local devices/routines via dashboard in the event of an internet outage with last connected dashboard loaded, I would certainly be interested in this functionality.

If you are interested in this, please make sure to scroll up and cast a vote. While comments are helpful for getting clarification, the votes are used as an indication of the level of interest from the community.

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If ST means SmartThings in this context, I would also note that they don’t offer a local API so it’s fundamentally not possible to have a local ‘app’ with SmartThings currently.

If I remember correctly, Eaton uses Hubitat which supports local ‘apps’… though unfortunately Hubitat’s realtime sockets API is undocumented and not officially supported and they don’t have proper local SSL APIs like some of their competitors (eg. Homey) so it’s not necessarily a straightforward endeavor there either.

Yes, in that context, ST = SmartThings…keep forgetting SharpTools is also abbreviated ST :crazy_face:

Voted! My desire is full local control in the event we get disconnected from the internet, even if there was a way for it to run off of a cached copy in the event the page can’t refresh. Not trying to solution as you guys know this space much better than I do, just my thought.

As I understand it, Sharptools is fundamentally a cloud service. If you want full local control, including rules and apps, I’d say move over to Home Assistant or the likes. That’s what I’m contemplating on doing.

Sharptools can still be used for dashboards and run things that aren’t as important, but the bulk of rules can stay local and operative when internet is down.

PS: if you’d make all this local, essentially you are running Home Assistant :smiley:

I think I have experienced one issue with dashboards due to some unrelated internet routing issue in the several years I have been using Sharptools. So not really an issue here and speed is fine.

I know local is important to others.

I enjoy playing with Home Assistant but depend on my Hubitats for main control. I don’t have the time to review each update in detail to look for breaking changes and have been burned multiple times when an update took something I depended on down.

Sharptools fits nicely into my setup.


I concur w/Simon and have basically the same experience w/ Sharptools being primarily up (more than any of the hubs/devices in total uptime). I still have some items on Smartthings (slowly divesting) but mostly on Hubitats stitched to HAsst. Sharptools are my main dashes and can call HA dashes from Sharptools if a must.

I do understand an respect that Sharptools is really a cloud service, but I have ideas, but I am not sure how to convey it.

would be nice perhaps if you could download a working dashboard to a local system, just so its a bit quicker, and then when you make changes, its back on the cloud.

kind of like send a cached copy to a local server , everything else cloud. IDK. its snappy, but man , local connections would be awesome.