A Hack for ST Smart Lighting Motion

Hi All,

I ran into what I believe is a ST Bug in smart lighting, and implemented a hack to get things working. Thought I would share.

The problem: ST Smart Lighting - when creating a routine that evaluates motion, existing light state (in my example, only run if light is off), and turn off after X minutes when motion stops, the light never turns off. I looked at ST logs and see that the light state check is evaluated both on trigger and on the motion stop routines. Obviously this won’t work as the light is turned on by the first part of the routine, and when motion stops, the light is still on. Fun…

Not a solution, but hopefully this helps someone.

  1. Create a Simulated Switch in ST IDE
  2. Provide access to the switch to the app sometime of rule engine/logic
  3. Setup a smart lighting routine that makes sense for you. Make sure to turn the Simulated Switch on as a part of this routine.
  4. Created a rule that checks the motion inactive event for the motion sensor then checks to see if the Simulated Switch is on, then sleep for whatever duration you want, then turn off the lights you want, and set the switch to off. Rule example copied below.

Yes a hack… I know… BUT, in the end, I have something working that was not otherwise. Hopefully ST will acknowledge the bug and fix it.


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