A ‘Gallery’ section in this community

Am excited to find SharpTools.io

One obvious question new users would have is “what’s possible?”. An easy answer is “Check out these awesome/creative dashboards others has built with SharpTool.io!”

As I’ve just started to read the community I’ve seen images of other user’s dashboards (OK, well only one so far) that causes me to think how I might best set up my dashboard(s).

I would imagine that when a user has invested lots of time developing an awesome dashboard he/she would be excited to share what they’ve done with other users. It seems this might lead to others chiming in with “very cool, but have you considered adding this-or-that” or “wow, how did you do the xyz part?”

(Sorry in advance if this already exists and I’ve missed it)

I think this might be what you’re looking for!

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Thanks. Yes. Yes it is what I was looking for.

Thanks for the quick response!

So I’ll change my feature request :slightly_smiling_face: to “make that post more easily findable”. EG pin it.

No offense but… having it be the ninth post under the heading “SharpTools.io (web)” without the word Gallery anywhere in the title/post seems a tad unintuitive. :grin:

But other than that, THANKS! Keep up the good work.

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@Scott_Farnsworth, thanks for the feedback. Thought the “Show Off Dashboards” topic was already pinned, but apparently not. It’s now pinned at top.:grinning: