4 speed fan not show max speed

Hey guys…i am running smartthings v3 hub and using sharptools as my dashboard. I am usiNg the below fan controller and it shows up in sharptools but i am only able to change speed to Off, Low, Medium or High but this controller also has Max speed. How can i get to max speed from sharptools?


Thanks for sharing the details! Is this using an official SmartThings integration or a community developed integration? If it’s a community integration, would you mind sharing a link to the relevant community post?

Its not a custom integration…its linked through bond home

Thanks for the additional details. Sending you a PM to see if we can gather more details about the device. :smiley:

Thanks PM sent back to you


Hey josh were you able to come up with any additional info?

Unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t provide a designation of how many speeds a fan supports as an attribute. Most SmartThings fan devices we’ve come across support the speeds 0-3, so that’s what the Fan Speed tile was designed around.

Speed Description
0 Off
1 Low
2 Medium
3 High

This is one of the first SmartThings fan devices we’ve come across that supports a 4th speed (though it does seem to be a nice option!), so I’ve posted over in the SmartThings community and shared the post in the SmartThings developer Slack, but haven’t seen much feedback on it yet. :thinking:

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I’m having the same issues. My fan switch in ST has 4 speeds. It is an official ST integration. Just wondering if anything else has come up regarding Max speed.

Using the Leviton ZW4SF-1BW Decora Z-wave Smart 4 Speed Fan Controller with official integration (Z_wave Fan controller)

Funny i was just thinking about this as i haven’t seen any updates

I haven’t seen any traction on it from the SmartThings side of things. In the post I linked above, Jimmy (prjct92eh2) even mentioned the Leviton 4-speed work they were doing in Github at the time and I commented on that as well trying to get some traction. :confused:

It looks like Hubitat recently added support for supportedFanSpeeds in 2.2.6 but I’ve only seen it in one community developed driver so far…

Does it make a difference that the fan speeds shown in ST (on the actual device button) are off, low, medium, high, max and that it is native support with no custom DTH installed?

Edit: I checked the IDE and the fan speeds register levels as 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 and speeds as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

No, at least not with the current APIs/integration - the new mobile app can use a separate ‘Presentation’ definition to determine what commands/values to show in the app. It still leaves a fundamental gap in the Capability model. :frowning: