24hour time mode

Hello guys,

Is it possible to change the time to a 24h clock.


Thanks for the feedback! It should automatically pull the locale settings from your browser. What kind of device is this running on?

I’ve been thinking about adding an option to override the format for the clock tile though, so maybe I need to bump that up the list!


Any update on this ?

@Bjarne thanks for posting!

What kind of device are you using and is there something there a reason the locale can’t be changed on the device itself?

The format of the clock tile is based on the locale of your browser. So if the browser is reporting a locale that uses 24 hour time, the clock will automatically show in 24 hour format. :smiley:

Hubitat and Firefox browser, the Hubitat is on 24 H

Thanks for the details. Firefox browser on what tablet/phone/computer?

The format of the clock in SharpTools is based on the locale of the mobile device you are viewing the dashboard on.

So if you are viewing the dashboard on a phone and the locale of the phone is a 12 hour locale (like en-US) it will show in 12 hour… whereas if it was set to a 24 hour locale (like en-GB) it will show in 24 hour.

Firefox on my computer, Pc clock is set to 24 H on the Pc .

It is based on the locale reported by your browser / operating system. The locale is typically set in the regional settings on a computer.

What operating system and OS version are you using Firefox on?