2022: Year in Review!

This year was filled with exciting updates for SharpTools - from new platform connections to releasing some of the most popularly requested features, it was a busy year!

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Asking me to choose a favorite update is as difficult as choosing a chocolate from a box of candy. They are all delicious!

Congratulations for an incredible year of accomplishments. Just as I think that SharpTools can’t get any better - it does!

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Thanks, Stan! We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm!

My first year here is almost there, learned a lot here and had so much fun building a dashboard and smart home that I want.

I love the way this community and developer team works in harmony. I rarely see an issue or question left open, either with a workaround or even a quick implementation. That’s simply amazing.

Keep up the good work, but first enjoy the holidays!


Couldn’t agree more!

I successfully migrated over 160 Webcore pistons into SharpTools rules. Not certain that I remember anything that I couldn’t do…and there are many cool features that I didn’t have the ability to do before.

Couldn’t have done it without the community.

Thanks so much!

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Glad to hear that you have had some fun and enjoyed building new rules and dashboards!

For me 2022 best additions are Supertiles and Multiple Hubitat locations! Looking forward to seeing what coming up! Good work!

I almost mentioned Multiple Hubitat Hubs in the summary - there were lots of good updates this year driven by excellent feedback from people like you! :raised_hands: