Write to tile editor tileSettings? Custom Tile html

Is there a way to write to the tile editor from from a browser action?

Use case example: I have a custom tile that has button, when I push that button it changes a tileSettings.xxxxxx and it takes effect and works.
But when I refresh the browser it re-accepts the original entered tile editor tileSettings.xxxxxx value.

Is there a way to change the tileSettings.xxxxxx permanently with the button? Like over write the original tile editor setting.

Tile Settings can only be edited directly by the user when editing the dashboard/tile.

Can you share more details about your use case? What kind of data / setting are you trying to change?

There might be other ways to accomplish what you’re looking for. For example, I’ve used Local Storage whenever I want to store settings unique to each browser or cache data for my Custom Tiles. It can be read by other Custom Tiles, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of data you are storing and if you want cross-interaction.

For example, here’s a demo using Local Storage to communicate events in real-time across two Custom Tiles: Custom Tile - cross tile eventing

Here’s what Im trying to do.

When I hit this button:

It restarts the counter to use current time so timer starts over. And it works in the browser.

But I want it to overwrite the original tile editor value also so when the browser gets refreshed the new value stays.

There could be other uses for this as well, like making tiles interactive so users can enter or change things with out using or having the privilege to get into the tile editor or HTML.

Thanks for the additional details. There’s no API for writing to the Tile Settings, just reading.

The Local Storage API mentioned above could be used for storing settings, but it’s stored per browser (eg. per tablet).

There’s a feature request for being able to access SharpTools Variables from Custom Tiles that you may be interested in voting on as it could be an approach for writing/reading shared settings.