What happened to all my dashboards?

Only 5-6 are left… the rest is gone??.. What happened?

Can you reach out to support and we can work to troubleshoot with you one on one?

The most common cause for missing dashboards is inadvertently logging in with different credentials.

If I remember correctly, you were having trouble saving your dashboards on your corporate network - are you trying to access these dashboards from that network? If so, have you tried a known stable network where you have not had intermittent network issues with SharpTools.io?

I’m on a different network now, but most of them were made on this network.

EDIT: I just added hubitat to sharptools… could that be the reason… hmm…

On a side note… is there any plans to make buying sharptools an option?.. i don’t like subscriptions :frowning:

Thanks for the additional details. That is indeed strange. :confused:

Hm. I don’t think it would be a likely reason for this as the authorization of Hubitat should just impact which devices/locations are added/removed from your SharpTools.io account.

The adding/saving/deleting of dashboards is managed client-side and each dashboard is saved independent of the rest.

It’s not in our immediate plans. The current approach and architecture enables us to do some cool things - the ability to rapidly deliver new features and functionality, the ability to connect multiple smart hubs / platforms together, the ability to push events to your browser for instant updates (rather than polling), and more. I wouldn’t rule out other options in the future, but the current architecture has some distinct strengths.