Weather Widget Custom Tile Collection

@Michael - that makes complete sense. I played around quite a bit with it and a number of image hosting sites, turns out that my url from github was incorrect. So it appears that it was, as usual, user errror. Thanks for the very quick response.


@Michael - I finally got around to the Analog Clock Widget. I am so happy with it! I’ve replaced the boring old digital clock with the attractive new analog clock.

I customized it by diddling with font size and hand width. Style States would be nice to have; different face colors for day and night, for example.


@Stan_Silverman, Glad you’re enjoying it - Thanks for the feedback!

  • There is a ‘Face Style’ option (Weather Ambience), where the color changes based on the current conditions and time of day. - OR - Are you looking for just a 2 color setting (day/night)?

  • I’ve updated the tile to include an option to adjust the time’s font size.


Thanks for the update! Time text size option is great! Saves a whole bunch of time.

Now trying to decide if I really want to increase the height of the hands or not. (Probably will…)


The face color story is a little longer. I started a “project” a while back using the old digital clock. My objective was to have four color states:

dawn/dusk, sunrise/sunset, day, night.

Couldn’t be done of course. A discussion with James led me to looking at the Analog Clock Widget.

The Style would have to allow changing the content (text, hands, icons) as well as the background color.

This project is completely non-essential. Some of the things we do with dashboards are in the category of “just because it can be done”.

But day/night would be nice!

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@Stan_Silverman, Thanks for the insight - Maybe I can add something along those lines in a future update.

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This is really cool, I just started using it but no matter what I do, I can’t get the background images to load. I tried github, google drive, and my own website/domain. I made sure the image names weren’t changed and I included the trailing /.

When a background image isn’t selected in settings, I understand the tile color should change, mine has been solid black with weather data superimposed over it.

I even went back and loaded the original code and updated my widget. I feel like an idiot, lol but obviously I’m missing something. Each URL that i put in for background images checks out if I copy and paste it in my browser, and like I said the names haven’t changed.

Any ideas???

Update - I toggled the use background image option and the background color is now there. Still not seeing the images yet thought.

@Nicholas_Joseph, So I’m clear… You’re receiving the weather data, just not the image!

Is the url (in the tile setting) using a secure connection (i.e. https) - If not… It could be a ‘mixed content’ issue that prevents it from loading.

For GitHub: Be sure you are using the following address:

Replace account, repository, branch (usually main/master), and folder (if created) with your details.

That was correct, it was showing the weather data just no images. I ended up publishing a page in github and using this URL after trial and error: Literally JUST figured it out like 5 sec ago, lol. I appreciate your follow up!

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I had the same issue. Added certificate to my site so it could be referenced with https and that cured it.

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Anyone else have an issue where their Weather Widget stopped working over the weekend? I even went in and updated from source to make sure I hadn’t missed an update.

Stopped working March 26 for me. I sent Michael a note that day to let him know.

It still works for me. Have you checked the browser console from a PC to see if there are any error messages? You should be able to right click on the weather tile and inspect.

Sorry, but I’ve ended support. However, if you already have a copy, it should (depending on your widget) still work by turning ‘Update notification’ off.

Thank you for creating this. It is a great tool. I truly appreciate the work you put into it. Turning off the Update Notification worked for me. Thanks again and take care.

Does anyone have a copy of this code? I would love to tinker with it and see if I can use it for myself on a few ideas I have. Not expecting any assistance.

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Is the code this thread describes available or is this a dead topic?

Give this one a try Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. That reference is one I am currently using. I really am interested in the background image change based on local weather. I would love to have a copy of this code to play with. If the code is not available it would be handy if a note is pinned on this topic since google searches like to bring you to this one.

Maybe post it as a feature request in the other thread? Or since you mentioned you wanted to play with the code maybe you could add it as a feature to the other one and then share it?