Variable temperature change

Hello everyone. I’m wanting to create a variable, a true or false I think would be the best, that can measure the change in temperature of a contact sensor. My idea is to have the variable change to true if the contact sensors temperature changes by 3° in 45min. I know how to create a true or false variable but I don’t know where to go from there. I remember in web core there were ways to capture readings of devices and record them. I never got into that and didn’t really know how to do it. I’m not even sure if that’s possible or what I would use in this case. Any help would be great.
What I’m going for is a way to tell if the dishwasher has been run. Then I can make any number of notifications off that.

I suspect that you would need to use the new Expressions feature that is in beta along with some custom logic.

Do you already have logic somewhere else that you are trying to port over to SharpTools?

I haven’t had my morning caffeine yet, so I might be overthinking this, but I would think you would need to snapshot some data to be able to calculate your boolean. I’m also struggling with exactly what the definition of “changes by 3° in 45 minutes” is as it impacts the type of calculation you put in place.

If a value goes from 10 to 15 in a single jump, clearly that’s more than 3. But if it goes 10→12→11, I suspect that’s not what your looking for (eg: 12-10=2, 11-12=-1… abs(2) + abs(1) = 3).

Is the goal an overall increase in temperature over the period? In other words, the max - min during that period being greater than 3?

The toughest part about Smarthome stuff is that life gets in the way. Just when I think I can get back into some complex/fun stuff, I get too busy to accomplish anything.

I do not have logic I’m trying to bring in to SharpTools. You are correct in that I will need to snapshot the temp at the beginning of my event. And that might be the issue. When to take the snapshot. I came up with 3 degrees because the sensor on the dishwasher never changes more than a degree in over an hour period. However, it changes by 3+ degrees in less than 45 minutes every time the dishwasher is ran.
In my head I was thinking that if we can have a rule like “garage door stays open for 3 minutes” why not “sensor changes hotter by 3 degrees” I wasn’t considering the start time though.
Ultimately, this is solved by just getting a multi switch with vibration sensor.