Top Navigation bar and Kiosk mode

When you load the dashboard with the get parameter kiosk=true, why does the top navigation bar show up for a bit and then auto-hide once everything is loaded? Being in kiosk mode this kind of spoils the experience when loading from dashboard to dashboard.

If you navigate from dashboard to dashboard within the app, you’ll stay in kiosk mode.

Are you referring to loading in an iframe to build a custom navigation like you mentioned in your other posts? If so, each time you change the URL of an iframe, it’s basically like loading a page from scratch, so it’s completely reloading the app which briefly shows the navigation.

Let me see if I can come up with an API that can be used for cross-window communication so you can change the route without having to change the iframe URL which loads a new page.

Yes. The links to each dashboard are being loaded again through the links into the target frame.

That would be awesome. Because the top bar showing and disappearing each time doesn’t look good when it’s doing it every time

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Has anything ever become of this? Kind of trying to work something like this out now.

Yes, we have an iframe API available that enables ‘in app’ routing:

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