Timed tigger rule is not working

I have a rule that have the tigger set to “contact stays ‘open’ for 30 seconds” then for it to execute a speak action on my Echo. The timed tigger doesn’t work. If I change to the immediate tigger " contact changes to ‘open’", it works fine. The contact sensor is connected to my SmartThings hub.

Hi @KevinV, welcome to the community.

Can you please post the screenshot of your rule so I can better help troubleshoot?

Thanks for the screenshot and the rule looks pretty straightforward. Can you please check the device history by going to SmartThings mobile app and see if the status changes during the 30 seconds in your tests? Please note that if the status ever changes during the 30 seconds period, it will be considered not qualified for the “state stays” trigger condition.

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History showed that the contact stays open for longer than the duration set in the rule but no announcement for the Echo.

Updates: the issue has been resolved through the work with @KevinV over PM. Thanks @KevinV for your help during the troubleshooting process.:grinning: