Tiles not refreshing

I have been using the Sharp dashboard for couple of months without any problems. Recently I noticed that tiles are not refreshing their states anymore. That is the case for multiple types of devices - lights, motion sensors/temperature values.
I am using Smartthings as a hub - if I change a state via the dashboard on a device, the device responds as it should. If the state is changed in Smarttthings (such as a turned lightbulb) the change is not reflected in the dashboard.
Secondly, dynamic states such as motion/temperature values are not reflect on the dashboard, despite they are in the Smartthings app.

I have re-authorized the smarrthings connections via the settings few times as well change the event server (legacy/next genration) with no change.

Thank you for letting me know what am I missing!

Are you familiar with the SmartThings IDE? Login and check if the SharpTools app is paused.


@Empire_Home, as @Chris_C mentioned, you can go to the SmartThings IDE site, click on your location(hub) and “List SmartApps”, and check the SharpTools smartapp’s status there. If the app is already running, try click the pause button and restart it again just in case.

Let me know if this helps.

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Chris, James! Thank you gentlemen! What a simple fix…if you know where to look. :smiley:

Have a good day guys! Keep on automating :wink:

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