Tiles Jumbled after Resizing Tiles

Have the same issue, but in worse manifestation, in Chrome/Desktop i have something like this

On my brand new Fire 10 HD it looks like this

It was perfectly ok when the tile size was 160 but messed up when I reduced it to 80

I found @Justin_Newbury video to help out a lot when setting up my dashboard. Here is the link. Also make sure your computer is set to 100% zoom.

It sounds like you are using Reflowing Dashboards if you are able to set the Tile Size. I would recommend using the (default) Scalable Dashboards setting.

This is my dashboard settings it was created like a week ago, I think with the new default

@Ilia_Gilderman, it is using “Reflowing” in your screenshot. You can change the Sizing Approach to “Scalable” which will maintain the layout but resize the tile based on the screen size.

See below for more details.

Yes, but then I cannot use small tiles, I figured it out, I used the method described in the video to measure the screen and do exactly the same size on the computer, It worked good, however it is a bit strange that it shuffled it so randomly when the sizes were different, even when I did not use the entire space.