Tiles and pricing

quick question…if I have a tile that is 1x1 clearly this is one tile…if I make a tile that is say 2x height by 2 x width does this count as one tile or 2??

many thanks

It counts as one tile. :smiley:


Just some quick user feedback @Tom_Smith - I started out utilizing the generous ‘free’ version and thinking I would never get part 15 tiles - one of the big advantages of the license is not only unlimited tiles, you also get unlimited dashboards - so you have your main dashboard and can include links to others from that - I think this is an incredible step up and once you do you open up a whole new area of opportunity.
So for example, Mine has links to separate panel for my Door/window sensors (that has 14 sensors plus two composite virtual sensors for ‘any door/window open’ and ‘entry door open’; I use the composite ‘door/window sensor open’ (somewhere) and can link to the other panel, rather than trying to fit all on the one dash; and another for my Outside Lighting - that has 8 individual switches plus 3 subgroups plus 1 master group - so there is 12 tiles on that one. And others panels for other control systems.