Tile Scaling for Fire HD10

What is the best scaling to use to fill the screen on a firehd10? im using a custom of 100px and it looks good but there is about 1/2 inch of black at the bottom of the screen, I tried 120 and it makes it a bit smaller but obviously not as many tiles. just wondering if anyone has found the sweet spot?

I moved recently, so I don’t have my 10" on the wall at the moment, but I think I was using 140px tiles with a 5px gutter. I tend to use multiple dashboards with one being my ‘navigation’, one being my ‘main’ dashboard and then a few other special dashboards I occasionally navigate to for details.

That being said, everyone has different preferences which is the beauty of a customizable dashboard!

Pro Tip: Some people end up making their base tile size half of what they actually want and then manually double all of their tile dimensions to get them back to ‘normal’ size. That allows you to create ‘half sized’ tiles to fill in gaps as you see fit.


140px is HUGE! how did you get the smaller tiles if you used 140?

The tiles in my photo look huge or they look huge on your Fire HD 10 when you use 140px?

If it’s the latter, can you post a picture? What browser are you using and what zoom settings are being used in the browser? And did you also adjust the gutter to 5px?

Based on my photo, it looks like I was fitting ~8 spots wide (eg. eight 1x1 tiles).

sorry josh you were right, its not “huge” i had my tiles set for 2x2 duh.

I am trying 75px right now as a trial, and enlarging the tiles a bit.

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I am doing Small 120px with a variety of size tiles with NO gap on my FHD10. Works great!


Can you post a screenshot :slight_smile:

Top right, blocked camera. That’s why image looks odd. Lol.

@josh AWESOME job on the media tiles. Click to enlarge! VERY happy!


looks nice! Thanks. are the weather tiles links from websites? can you send an example link that you are using?

Thanks! im trying to see where on accuweather you gut the radar gif

Check this thread.


Just a fair warning that AccuWeather GIFs don’t work with the automatic refresh feature of SharpTools. When creating a media item for AccuWeather GIFs, you’ll need to leave the refresh interval set to 0 so it will disable the refreshing. :slight_smile:

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I refresh my sharptools every 10 min. Helps with my tinycam cameras as they freeze up sometimes. But also helps radar. :slight_smile:

@josh is there one that does refresh?

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