Thoughts on Media Tile options?


Some browsers like Chrome have started blocking the embedding of username and passwords at the start of URLs when embedded into another page.

This means that you can access the resource directly with the username/password at the beginning of the URL, but it won’t work when embedded in another page like SharpTools.

There are a few common workarounds:

  1. If you have the option of using another browser, try a different browser. (Chrome is one of the browsers to have recently blocked this)

  2. Check to see if your camera has another method for embedding the username and password. Some cameras have the option of putting the username and password in the URL query. For example, the iSpyConnect Camera Database has a number of other Amcrest models which appear to take the username and password as part of the URL:

  3. Disable the username and password for the camera within your network (if it’s available within your camera)

  4. Use a dedicated NVR software like Blue Iris which can aggregate feeds from multiple cameras (and has options for disabling username/password for LAN only)


It’s an Amcrest IP3M-HX2. (I think that it also says “IPM-HX1” which is the “common” model number.


@Jack_Weinberg check out my comment above. Based on the URL you provided it’s likely Chrome blocking the embedding of a resources with a http://username:password@camera/ format. There are several workarounds noted in the post above which may be helpful. :slight_smile:

I also created a help article in case other people run into the same issue:


It appears that is the case - Chrome is blocking.
So, my next alternative is to use the multicast feature of surveillance station which I have running on my Synology NAS.


From what I can tell based on a quick search of the Synology docs, it looks like the Multicast feature is for sharing an RTSP stream with multiple users simultaneously.

We are looking for either a JPEG or MJPEG feed. It looks like their API has support for it based on what I’m finding online. Here’s a forum post with some details.

From that post, it sounds like the image snapshot URL for Synology Surveillance Station is in the format:

And the video feed URL was in the following format:

But he had to specifically change the setting for that camera in Surveillance Station - on the video tab, he changed the format to MJPEG. (Otherwise it was defaulting to a format that couldn’t be embedded in another page)


Josh: That seems to have done the trick!
So, what’s happening is that the camera is “broadcasting” in H.264, and my Synology NAS ,Surveillance Station is modifying that “broadcast” to be in HTTP/MJPEG format, which can be picked up and displayed by SharpTools.
(Please forgive my rather simplistic approach to understanding what’s going on, behind the scenes).
From my research, it also appears that TinyCam (if it was running continuously) would also be doing a similar activity.
Thanks again for all your assistance.


I want to start by saying that I’m new, but extremely happy with!

I would like to join in on requesting horizontal position and zoom functions for media. This would be especially useful for weather forecast and radar images, but I also have a camera in my entry that I would like to focus on the window in my front door… instead of choosing between squeezing a 1080p image into a little tile or making a huge tile and losing real estate for others.


Today’s platform update includes new Media Tile tap actions (eg. Fullscreen) as well as several other awesome feature enhancement based on community feedback. Thanks again for all the suggestions and your ongoing support!

Announcement: Color Control, Hyperlink and Media Tile Options, New Icons, and more

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