Super Tile Text "Fit"

I have a Super Tile that simply displays the weather summary from Open Weather. (A variable). Usually their summary is short enough to fit nicely in the space. Sometimes they get a bit long winded and the text doesn’t fit well. (like today) See top right of dashboard:

This is my Super Tile, but I see no way to edit the text here.

If I reduce the size so it fits today, it might be too small tomorrow. I thought about CSS, but not sure how to target 1 Super Tile, and then what I would even use to make any text fit the available space.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in the CSS space that can help with this. There’s a newer clamp() feature that might be helpful when combined with Viewport units.

The community maintained CSS wiki has some snippets that might be helpful. Specifically the named style approach toward the end.

[WIKI] Custom CSS snippets, verified on SharpTools