Strange issue with Blind button

Hi, wondering if anyone else has experienced the following issue with a button that controls a blind?

I have Domoticz running with RFXcom controlling blinds and Lightwave lights/socket. This runs on Pi and links back to Smartthings via smart app and custom device handlers. Link to Domoticz project in Smartthings community

Pressing the on/off in Domoticz or Smarthings Classic or Action Tiles, or running a Webore piston, the blind opens and closes as expected. But in SharpTools, the blind responds to a button press to close, but will not open it again? It says its sent the command but no response.


Thanks for the feedback, can you tell us more about which specific device handler is being used with your blinds? I looked through the project and it looks like a really cool integration - that being said, several of the drivers do not seem to follow the SmartThings specification properly.

For example, I looked at the DomoticzBlinds device handler, it it reports a switch state of Stopped which is not a valid state (example code). If the device is reporting itself as a Switch / Switch Level, it will need to report back the switch state properly in order for the toggle to work and the only valid states are on and off. This is per the SmartThings definition of the Switch capability.

There are some options here…

  1. Update the driver to report back a proper switch state. For example in the on() method report the switch is on and in off() report it as off.
  2. Create a rule which calls open() and another rule which calls close() on your device and add each rule as a tile to your dashboard. Then you would have an explicit tile for opening the blinds and an explicit tile for closing the blinds
    • You could extend this however you see fit adding other actions to the the rule or using other unique features that a driver exposes (eg. opening the blinds to a certain level if that’s an option)
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For example, here’s an updated copy of the Domoticz Blinds driver which better implements the Switch and Switch Level attributes so that they meet the SmartThings spec. Since I don’t have any actual Domoticz devices, I had to run a slightly modified version of the driver for my testing purposes and it worked fine after the modifications.

Give it a shot and let me know if it helps.

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Thanks Josh. You did dome serious exploring there. Thats really appreciated and some really useful information to go on.