Status on Rachio and Bond Controller

Question for folks using either. Is there a way Rachio and Bond can update their status on Sharptools dashboard. This might be a Hubitat thing as well.

Essentially when I run an irrigation zone it never changes the status to running. The same thing happens on Bond, even though one of the fanlights are on it shows off in Sharptools.

Thoughts? I’m going to test the hubtitat community as well.


Is the state of your Rachio and Bond devices updating in Hubitat (eg. in the device details screen)?

Well… you know… start at the source first. It only shows on Hubitat if I manually refresh it. Which makes that my issue. Disregard :slight_smile: now I have to figure that out, though that could be a limitation on their side.

Just an update - if anyone else is using Rachio on the Hubitat, switch to the community driver (not the built-in app) Rachio Community App as it shows statues for all Valves and updates accordingly (the only caveat I noticed is they must be on a schedule, which should not be an issue if you are using them anyhow) :slight_smile:

off to figure out the Bond status.


Okay I fixed the bond issue as well.

First you need to ensure that you have the Trust tracked state and the Fix Tracked State enabled in the bond app. If someone in the house uses the remote to turn off the fan, your Dashboard will still show it as on (its just a function of how Bond works with Hubitat, I imagine its the same for smartthings, but have not tested it on mine). Now what that tracked state options do is allow you to press the button on your dashboard without Bond switching the sate of the Light… meaning if its already off and your dashboard shows it as on, it won’t turn dashboard to off and the actual fan back on, when you press the tile.

Also - Bond does not support all of the fan speeds in habitat. It only controls four speeds, so what I did was aligned the speed numbers to what we actually use.

1- low
2-medium low
3 -medium
4 - High