Spreadsheet to Sharptools

Hi! I wanted to ask a general “is it possible” question to the community.

I’ve got a new electric car on lease. With that comes limited milage per year. I’m fluent enough in excel to create a spreadsheet that calculates how much I can, drive per month, and how I am, doing budgetwise with miles. I would like to display this using sharptools and wanted to ask if it’s possible? The excel file is local but could be converted to a Google version if needed.

Any ideas how, to vizualize it?

Google Sheets has some options for linking or embedding content from a sheet, so that could be a good approach for you.

If you try to embed part of the sheet, you’ll probably want to use a Custom Tile to embed the URL.

Otherwise, the steps about halfway down the following post show how you could make a chart and embed that chart as a media tile: Embed Google Sheets Chart with Media Tile


Worked like a charm! Even got a gauge to display the current months miles. Thanks!

Edit. Noticed your competitors link is visible, sorry but their month calender is simply better :wink: