SmartWeather Station Tile events not registering

I’m trying to make a rule to control my heat tape to prevent ice damming in my gutters. I’d like the tape to only be on when the outside temperature is between 32 and 10 degrees. I’ve installed the SmartWeather Station Tile and all looks good with regard to event reporting etc. I’ve been testing for a couple of days and the rule never gets triggered. When I manually execute the rule through the dashboard, it works like a champ. My understanding is that any temperature change should trigger the rule, but that is not happening. Any thoughts on this?

Welcome to the community, @Roger_Nightingale! Can you share a screenshot of your Rule?

What do you have set for Triggers? And do you have any conditions applied in the flow?

I’m an idiot. I thought “Triggers” was basic IFTTT functionality and “Flow” was compound rules. RTFM. Let me do it right and see what happens. Thanks for the quick response.