Smartthings Virtual Motion Detector

I’m attempting to migrate to Sharp tools from Webcore using Smartthings and Alexa. In Webcore I could set a virtual motion detection and have Alexa start a timer.

Just in case there’s a different way to do this; I have a physical button next to the back door. When I let the dog out I press the switch and it sets motion=true in ST then Alexa picks up on this and starts a 10min timer which reminds me to check on the dog.

In Sharptools, the virtual motion detector only has ping which doesn’t trigger Alexa. Are there any alternatives to trigger an Alexa routine?

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This is a result of the changes SmartThings is making to their platform - specifically with how devices are defined. I suspect you’re still using a Groovy DTH for the Virtual Motion Detector which implemented custom commands for simulating motion. In the next-generation SmartThings world, those custom commands must be defined as part of a capability in order for them to be used by SmartApps.

SmartThings hasn’t announced a plan for transitioning their first-party Virtual Devices yet, but they did at least acknowledge it in yesterday’s update.

“We have received multiple inquiries regarding virtual devices, and have a plan in place to migrate individual devices. More information will be provided on this topic in a separate announcement.”

That being said, many community members are switching over to one of the many community-developed Edge Drivers that are available for virtual devices. Popular choices include:

Edit: I should also add that Voice Monkey seems to be a popular choice within the community for integrating with Alexa. I don’t personally use it, but it seems to have a pretty neat feature set and works well with the HTTP Actions in SharpTools (example).

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Thank you for the quick reply Josh! That totally solved my problem :slight_smile: