Smartthings triggering echo to play music

Is it possible to trigger an echo dot to play music through sharptools/smartthings? In my son’s nursery I have a gocontrol wa00z-1 2 button scene controller, in which I would like to set up a button to play lullabies through an echo dot. It seems as if the alexa app only uses sensors to trigger their scenes, but is this possible through sharptools/smartthings instead? I know this would have been easy through the old echo speaks app.

Yes, you can use the community developed Alexa Switch device, which is basically a switch but with the mapping contact attribute, in SmartThings, and then create a routine in the Alexa app to play the music when this Alexa switch is turned on (contact open). Then you can create a rule to turn this virtual Alexa switch on when ever the button is bushed and the turn this Alexa switch off 10 seconds later so it can be turned on again next time.