SmartThings SmartApp Error

This error or something like it is now occurring for me as of the discontinuation of the old SmartThings app. I do not seem to be able to find a way to work around it. Perhaps this is already been reported and resolved but I can’t find any reference to that haven’t been done. Thanks very much, please let me know what debug materials I can send in order to resolve this

Thanks for posting, Tom. What error are you seeing?

“500 internal server error”

Actually, I have figured out the source for this, and it is in using the SharpTools Plugin for Tasker to run a SmartThings “Routine”. These are Routines which were created before the switchover to the new SharpTools, which seems not to support Routines. The only workaround I can see is to use the SharpTools plugin to run a SmartThings “Thing”, and within that to send command(s) necessary (such as “setHue”, “setSaturation”, et cetera), choosing “Override Parameters” so as to specify a specific value or variable containing a value.

I suppose that one could create a little library of Tasker Tasks to be invoked via “Perform Task”, with said Tasks emulating a function similar to SmartThings Routines. Said Tasks could be used only within the scope of Tasker, but at least the base functionality which SmartThings Routines provided can still be had.

If you can suggest a better way to accomplish this, I’m interested in hearing about it. (I suppose that one could go write some Java code to create a Tasker Plugin which might be able to emulate SharpTools Routines in a less clumsy manner.)

SmartThings recently transitioned from ‘Routines’ to ‘Scenes’. Since Scenes aren’t exposed in the API that the SharpTools Tasker Plugins use to interface with SmartThings, you can use a Virtual Switch to trigger a Scene instead:

Alternatively, if you’re familiar with REST APIs you could call the new SmartThings API directly from Tasker to run a Scene.

Thanks for the explanation and recommendations.