SmartThings Personal Access Tokens

Now SmartThings have released Personal Access Tokens ( and a scenes API, can we finally get Scenes without virtual switches?

Hey @Dan_Everest - welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Personal Access Tokens are designed to be used by individuals for non-SmartApp use cases, so we don’t have any plans to include them as part of the main SharpTools interface.

Since the new SmartThings REST API is also accessible via next-generation SmartApp integrations, we plan on exposing Scene support via that approach at some point. Unfortunately, it’s still just not quite ready for prime time.

That being said, our new Custom Tiles feature which is currently in developer preview can be used for exposing Scenes (with Personal Access Tokens). Feel free to shoot a note to @support and I’d be happy to get you added. :slight_smile: