SmartThings Groovy Update

Will check. Thank you!

FYI: I have some SuperTiles that use style states (green when the door is locked, red when unlocked). When I migrated everything went smoothly except these tiles were all the default style. Interestingly, the icons were correct (they’re different if open vs closed) but the colors were default. I checked the settings of those tiles on the dashboards and found that they were all correct. The problem was solved when I clicked the style states button…

And from here just clicked on “lock” and selected the same thing. Then I clicked Done and saved the changes, and the style appears properly.

Hence I’m all set now, but in case anybody else runs across it, it’s an easy fix.

@josh and @James I am amazed at how smooth that migration was. You guys are rock stars!


SmartThings posted a few updates on this topic yesterday:

Including a new thread which documents the device type handlers that have been transitioned (with recent updates in bold):