Smart Lighting control

I did know what to put this under as it’s to see what options everyone is using to control smart light bulbs other then app. I have two bulbs in my living room but nether are connected to a switch. I have automations setup the best I could to turn the lights on via motion and off, but the headache is that someone( not mentioning name…) keeps turning them off. I was looking at some kinda of remote like HUE but wanted to limit my use of different HUBs. Any suggestions with somethings that will work with SmartThings? Found a WiFi one from Sengled but it’s too says hub required. Will this still work?
Thank you for all feed back

There is a huge selection on amazon. Search zwave or zigbee smart buttons.
Here’s my favorite:

Thanks. I did see this and ended up with Sengled smart switch. It’s looks like a wall switch and it was only $14 from Amazon. I have all controls for lights on,off,dimming. I’m using smart lighting in SmartThings to mirror this but would like to figure out how to do this same in Home assistant since i’m starting to migrate from SmartThings.