Slowness and full screen issue

Hey guys this may be a Fully issue, but I thought you may have seeing it before. I use a kindle fire hd gen 8 and notice a lot of lag sometimes. Nothing else runs on this and all notifications are disabled. Sometimes buttons are fast and sometimes it just locks up and takes a while. Could be my choice in tablet haha.

Also I notice that a few times a day, sharp tools exits full screen and I have to set it back. I am using kiosk mode and believe it is set to be full screen.

Is the Fire tablet completely stock other than having Fully Kiosk Browser installed or has it been modified in any other way? On some of my older Fire tablets, I found that sideloading things like Google Play and Google Play Services would cause them to get bogged down - sometimes it would be a couple days before it happened and sometimes a few hours. I factory reset them and did a fresh install of Fully Kiosk Browser for Fire OS straight from the Fully website and they run much better.

It sounds like Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB) could be crashing and recovering. FKB has a ton of settings so there’s lots of things that could influence the state upon recovering, but the main thing would be to make sure the Start URL is set with a full dashboard URL with ?kiosk=true appended to it so SharpTools automatically opens in Kiosk Mode (without the navigation and menu).

Thank you so much! I have reloaded and that definitely helped

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