Slide Show Custom Tile

This custom tile creates a place holder which will display a random image, or you can select the slide show option with transition effects. Add the tile in a dashboard to view random pics of your vacation, family, inspiration or simply use as a screen saver.

In addition to the slide show options, you can select a ‘tap’ action to view the next image or open another dashboard (useful if used as a screen saver/photo album), and an optional clock.



  1. Upload your images to a hosting provider.
    NOTE: The Custom Tile currently includes a set of images (Bing Gallery)

  2. Click the import button above to install the Slide Show Tile into your SharpTools account and click Save.

  3. Add the tile to your dashboard, click edit, and enter the required (**) information (URL Path, Image/File Names) and optional display options in the tile settings.
    NOTE: Enter image/file name, including the extension (e.g., .jpg, .png), separated by a comma.
    Example: image1.jpg,img2.jpg

  • ** Only needed if you are using your own images - Leave blank to use the provided images.

Options include:

  • Image Size (e.g., cover, 75% 75% (percentage), 100px (pixel), contain)
  • Image Opacity, Image Blur
  • Shuffle Images Every… (minutes)
  • Slide Show Transition (Fade, Zoom, Spin, Slide, Tumble (android/chrome only), None), Transition Speed
  • Tap Action (Dashboard, Next Image, None), Dashboard ID, Open dashboard Full Screen (True/False)
  • Show Clock, Clock Font Size, Clock Color

Edit the tiles style to:

  • Transparent Background
  • Turn Shadow OFF

Hi @Michael - I just saw this. I am trying to setup a random picture tile using my iPhotos. I am downloading them to my home web server so I have access to them via https://.

If I understand the setup here correctly I would need to make a list of the images for this to randomly select one. I have almost 100,000 images in iPhoto so this definitely won’t work.

I have been working on a setup which will randomly copy one of the images into the same filename and then a standard media tile would refresh and show it.

But I would be interested if you have any thoughts on this approach? Thanks.

The custom tile was created with the intention to present a ‘photo album’ for a very specific theme/event (e.g., trip, celebration, family) with maybe 25-50 pics.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘copy’, but in theory… it should work - You may however experience a cache issue!

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