Shatptool Gauges

Hi, I tried the gauges based on hubitat maker API and it is working fine. How I can create a guage which is based on rule engine and calculations (variables) only.

Hi Mostafa-
I just saw your post in the Hubitat Gauges thread as well. As was mentioned in that thread, you can use Variable Connectors to bring in Variables from Hubitat and could display those in the Hubitat Gauges custom tile.

First party SharpTools variables don’t currently have a direct way to be exposed in Custom Tiles. There’s a feature request for it here if you want to cast a vote though:

Hi Josh, I did it. Created a global variable in HE, exposed in the maker api and used it in sharptools gauges.

I was only trying the concept, the use case is how many times the front door lock is used per day. The rule machine is also involved.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

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