Sharptools virtual switch not responding to on/off

Sorry, I’m probably missing something basic here!

I’ve used Sharptools for a couple years now, but never used the dashboard aspects, used it for the rules engine only.

I’ve decided to put up a tablet (iPad) and make a control dashboard.
I added some devices (all virtual switches as I’m using Tuya lightbulbs and use virtual switch/sensor devices to control (need to do this as opposed to the Tuya integration for logistical reasons) .

The dashboard shows the switch, but when I actuate the switch (on/off) it’s not actually turning the device on and off. The switch shows the state it thinks (turned on or off) but the actual switch is not doing anything. If I use the Smartthings app to turn the switch on or off, the dashboard reflects the correct state and turns on and off appropriately. The command sent message is appearing on the right hand side of the dashboard as I try to operate the device and indicates the command was sent, but it is doing nothing.

What am I missing?

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected with your Virtual Switch / Tuya setup.

Have you tried watching the SmartThings IDE Live Logs while you control the virtual switch to see if there are any clues there?

I’m seeing no command received on the events list in the IDE.
Actiontiles (don’t like and really don’t want to use unless I have to) works no problem to control the virtual switches. Sharptools accurately reflects the state changes performed by the App or actiontiles, but when using Sharptools dash and turning off or on, the state change is shown on the dash, but it is not accurate and is then out of sync with the actual state. If I then turn it or or off using the app, or actiontiles/ Alexa etc, the Sharptools dash updates with the correct state and is back in sync.

Sending you a PM to see if can gather more details and figure out what’s going on. :thinking:

If you see a green success message in SharpTools when controlling the device, you should definitely see something in the SmartThings IDE Live Logs, so something odd is definitely going on.