SharpTools Rule Engine


Announcing the SharpTools Rule Engine! Automate your smart home and get your devices talking to each other.

Rule Engine is a powerful and intuitive automation tool to create activity flows to control your devices based on IF-THEN logic, device triggers, and timer triggers. It enables capabilities that where once relegated to the realm of programmers.

Request access to the Rule Engine at:

We are currently rolling out the Rule Engine as a private beta and are processing requests on a first-come first-served basis.

Note: As part of the rollout of the Rule Engine, we made a few tweaks to our authentication system so you may need to login again. If you currently have a dashboard page open, your existing authentication token should continue to work as expected, but if you do a full page refresh you will need to login again.

And check it out.

Welcome James Liu to the SharpTools Team

Here are some tips how you can use Rule Engine to automate your devices:


  • Timer: trigger the rule based on the time of the day, and user can choose if this should be repeated daily
  • Device: trigger the rule by your device event, such as motion sensor-active, garage door-open, and etc.


  • IF_Condition: build smart flow using condition check. Conditions can be based on your specific device’s status(attribute value) or time, when the rule is triggered. And you can change the condition logic to continue when “all” or “any” of the conditions are met.
  • Action: control your device by setting the device, command and arguments, such as “Living room Light - on”.
  • Delay: you can pause the flow execution by adding a delay activity. For example, you may want to delay the light sensor condition check for a few seconds after its status is changed, to get more accurate reading.

And here are some examples how for your reference. Hope you guys enjoy it. :slight_smile:

  1. Set timer as trigger to open my kitchen blinds daily.

  2. Use device(motion sensor) as trigger, and execute action based on the time of the day using time condition check

  3. When the rule is triggered, delay the activity flow, and execute different series of actions depends on if someone’s at home


Just rolled out an update to Rule Engine per the user feedback received. Now it’s easier to trigger a rule based on a device’s status change, no matter what value it changed to. See below for the example that I set the rule to be triggered if the Garage Door is == or != ‘open’, and then adjust my AC and lights depending on my presence. So this is rule can be triggered anytime when garage door’s status is changed.

Any other feedback? Leave a comment or send your request to, so we can build it. :slight_smile:


We just rolled out several new features including Mode, Routine and SHM support in the Rule Engine. See the announcement for details.

Let us know what your thoughts are. :slight_smile: