SharpTools and Echo Show 15

Could you please provide some details? What did you do to make it “work”. Are you using the native browser? Is the dashboard full screen? Is the dashboard always visible or does the Echo revert to its home screen?


I’m also interested to know if SharpTools will run on an Amazon - Echo Show 15. Is this a good option?


From what I gather from other community member’s experiences, they’re not the best devices for always displaying a dashboard as you have to ask Alexa to display the dashboard and then it will timeout after a bit to return the normal Echo Show dashboard.

Edit: See some of the discussion down in the thread about sideloading Fully Kiosk Browser now that the Echo Show was updated to support Fire TV apps. Fully has some features to force an always-on display.

It’s unfortunate as the form factor seems like it would be great for this purpose.

The Fire HD 10 tablets tend to be a popular Amazon device for displaying dashboards as they run a proper OS that can run apps like Fully Kiosk Browser. Alternatively, there are large tablets in the 15"+ range.


For my use, sharptools works well on my show 15. I use flic buttons and have one that will announce dashboard just before it pulls it up. I dont need the dashboard viewable all the time so it works for me. Ive set up a pretty cool experience for the guests at my Airbnb with this tool. Thanks!!!

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Thanks for sharing your use-case! That’s a great point! If you don’t always want your dashboard front-and-center, I could see how having some way to ‘activate’ it could provide for a really neat experience.

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Anyone received the Fire TV update for the Echo Show 15 and tried this sideload method for Fully Kiosk?

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I did not know that you could control FireTV with a remote or that the 15 had that capability. Where do you get the remote? Seems a little kludgey and I am not sure how this would apply to SharpTools.

The Fire TV update for the Show 15 came out within maybe the last week. People figured out how to use that update to side load apps, so I wondered if it could be used to side load Fully Kiosk.

I’m trying it now but cannot get logged in the Google Play store for some reason. I’ll keep trying.

I was thinking to check if fully kiosk shows up in the Amazon app store now for Fire TV. Or just download it directly from the fully website.

Not that I can tell.

What about direct download from the fully website? Kind of like he showed in the video for kodi

I haven’t found a link yet. Any link I do find wants me to go through the Play store. Navigating without a physical remote is a pain (remote arriving later today).

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On the fully website, you should be able to click the Get APK link just below the Google Play image. That takes you to a download box where you can download the APK directly.

Yep, tried that. Still jumps to Play store sign in. My guess is the virtual remote is not getting me to the exact right spot on the screen.

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I would be interested to see what happens when you’re able to navigate with the remote. I’m able to hit the link under the ‘Download APK Files’ box and grab an APK, but I don’t have a Show 15 available to test with at the moment.

Having the ability to sideload Android apps would really unlock the power of these devices as they otherwise seem like a great form factor.


I’ll certainly report back. Eager myself as the Echo 15 has been sitting on my office armchair unplugged for a few weeks as I’ve struggled to justify keeping it.

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Is there a particular remote that works with the 15 or would any FireTV remote work.

I believe any recent generation Fire TV remote.

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I got the APK downloaded. I can get as far as clicking the install button (via a file manager) but it does not seem to actually install.

I will keep playing.