Sharing a Dashboard


Is there any way to share a dashboard or add additional users? I would like to give my wife and the pet sitter access to the dashboard but for them not be able to edit or alter the dashboard. Thank you.


@DrChops thanks for posting and I hope you are enjoying SharpTools. We don’t currently have a native way to share dashboards with additional users - thanks for the suggestion!

Making a topic for it is great as we use community feedback as a key element of how we prioritize what features we develop!

As a workaround, some people choose to login on their loved one’s device and use the Add to Homescreen feature along with a dashboard which is opened in Kiosk Mode. This effectively locks the user to that specific dashboard (and any dashboards linked within) and doesn’t allow editing.

To open a dashboard in Kiosk Mode, you can either append ?kiosk=true to the URL or:

  1. Open the list of dashboards
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired dashboard and choose View (Kiosk Mode)
  3. Open the browser’s menu and choose Add to Home screen


I too would like to share a dashboard with my wife.
Without having to read her my cryptic passwords.
Access controls would be a requirement, what they can and can’t do.


I am enjoying SharpTools for my smart home control. I am currently using both a Hubitat and Smartthings for my automation and this tool allows me to have both systems in the same place. Thank you for the quick response and the suggestion for a work around to my issue. I will give this a try but I hope that eventually you will consider adding the option to share dashboards. I look forward to what you guys have in store for the platform.


Thanks! We’re definitely open to the idea. In fact, we built the concept into our data structures thinking that it would be a popular request, but haven’t seen many requests for it. Other features have ended up getting much more community support, so we’ve adapted our priorities accordingly.

That being said, this post is a good first step! :smiley:

Lots of good things coming down the pipe! Thanks for being part of the community! :+1:


This may be here, but move if needed.

How do I display a dashboard but disable the need for a login?

Examples - bringing it up on webbrower on LG TV (want to be able to trigger seeing it from a button press in Hubitat, have a neeo remote - not sure on how to do display the web browser upon starting the TV yet but currently the login is an issue)

Or just on PC / iPhone login but not needing to enter a password each time as this is time consuming just when wanting to view/check not edit - doesn’t seem to store login’s. Is there a way of embedding them in the URL as you do for camera streams etc.


Thanks for posting! requires a login to access the dashboards, but it should be long lasting. A common approach where it’s inconvenient to enter a complex email or password is to use the SMS based login.

Logins are long-lived, so once you login on your PC/phone you should stay logged in until you explicitly logout or there is a major change on your account like a password reset or account linking. If you are having to login again on your PC/iPhone each time then something isn’t working as expected. :slight_smile:

That being said, the TV may or may not persist sessions, but I’d first want to sort out what’s causing you to get logged out.


Please put me down as among those users who want the ability to share a dashboard.
I want to be able to create a dashboard for my wife so that she can control the devices in my house, without giving her the ability to change the dashboard.
This is a critical feature.