Saving Temperature

I am starting to look into migrating items from Webcore as that is going away. I have a piston over there that pull a GET request from a url and takes the value as a variable. It then calls a function in the device handler of a “device” that can show the value in smartthings or action tiles (soon to be sharptools).

I am able to create the get request and it looks like I am getting that data into a variable.
I cannot seem to set the command to put that into the device.

Yes. Can you share more details about how you are trying to send the command to the device?

Once you make the GET request with the HTTP Action, the response is available in Context → Response → HTTP. You can either store the part of the response you want into a SharpTools variable or you can use it directly in a command.

You can tap the </> next to an argument in a command to use a variable.


Or if the argument for the command is a text/string type, you can use the +VARIABLE link to insert compose a string that includes a variable within it.