Saving Rules without exiting it

When saving a rule, the user is immediately returned to the Rule Management page listing all of the saved rules. This can be frustrating when creating a complex rule which you may wish to securely save prior to final completion.

I propose that when saving a rule the user remains on the rule editing page and a confirmation message “Rule Saved” is displayed.

A little thing …

I suggest adding a minor change to the page where you edit a specific Rules, remove the current “save” button and in its place insert two “save” and “save and exit”

How many times do I test automation and I have to save and re-enter it, as if you can’t save and stay on the same page;)

Who is for the change?

I’m with you! I just removed a vote from another feature request so I could move it here. :slight_smile:

With the influx of our WebCoRE friends, I’ve been doing a lot more temporary rule testing and frequently have to jump back into the rule, so I can understand the value of staying on the rule editor page when you press save.


Hey @Danny_Richman - I just realized we had two separate feature requests for ‘Save Rule without Exiting’, so I merged them together. It looks like your vote didn’t transfer over, so you might want to scroll up and cast a vote again.

I was chatting with @Vinod_K about how I often add an HTTP Trigger or Variable to a rule so I could manually trigger the rule since the Manually Trigger Rule to Test feature request didn’t get much interest and how being able to save the rule without exiting would help with that testing approach!


I’m a little late to the voting party for this but… I wanted a Save As for quite a while until I figured out a simple workaround.

  1. I make a change to a rule.
  2. I tap Save.
  3. I tap my browser’s Back button.

That puts me right back into the same rule with the changes in place. I use this a lot. Easy peasy.

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